Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas this year was such a success! Skoot and I did a fantastic gift exchange this year. He got me a BEAUTIFUL Armoire that holds my jewelery as a gift card to buy new clippers and T edgers(mine are getting a little trashed) along with a few other wonderful gifts. Since skoot bought himself a blu-ray player for Christmas (He'd had his eye on it for months and it was on sale in the end of NOV.) he didn't want me to spend too much on him. Instead of Spending lots of money, I bought him a few great Blu Rays for his player, some cologne that is just YUMMY, and I made him an AMAZING magazine full of memories and stories from people that he's known throughout his life--He loved it so much! We both had an emotional morning as he read through all the great things his friends and family had to say about him{This idea was courtesy of the FANTASTIC ladies at}Bentley is so funny on Christmas, he gets SUPER STOKED to open his stocking! I have no idea how he knows it's his!!Also, my Mom and Marcus bought us a steamer for our carpet. Upon opening this present, I did my happy dance! It is so funny how perspective changes as you grow older. The fact that Skoot and I were SO EXCITED for our steamer is so funny because four years ago, it would've been the most random present ever, and it was our favorite of this Christmas season! Our friend gift exchange was also a success! We really are so blessed to have the friends and family that we do. . . It is such a wonderful feeling.