Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas this year was such a success! Skoot and I did a fantastic gift exchange this year. He got me a BEAUTIFUL Armoire that holds my jewelery as a gift card to buy new clippers and T edgers(mine are getting a little trashed) along with a few other wonderful gifts. Since skoot bought himself a blu-ray player for Christmas (He'd had his eye on it for months and it was on sale in the end of NOV.) he didn't want me to spend too much on him. Instead of Spending lots of money, I bought him a few great Blu Rays for his player, some cologne that is just YUMMY, and I made him an AMAZING magazine full of memories and stories from people that he's known throughout his life--He loved it so much! We both had an emotional morning as he read through all the great things his friends and family had to say about him{This idea was courtesy of the FANTASTIC ladies at}Bentley is so funny on Christmas, he gets SUPER STOKED to open his stocking! I have no idea how he knows it's his!!Also, my Mom and Marcus bought us a steamer for our carpet. Upon opening this present, I did my happy dance! It is so funny how perspective changes as you grow older. The fact that Skoot and I were SO EXCITED for our steamer is so funny because four years ago, it would've been the most random present ever, and it was our favorite of this Christmas season! Our friend gift exchange was also a success! We really are so blessed to have the friends and family that we do. . . It is such a wonderful feeling.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Skoot 's surgery

Skoot finally has had surgery on his deviated septum! This calls for a celebration: HOORAY!!!! This all started quite a few months back when we realized that his stuffy nose kept getting worse and worse. This got to the point that he was blowing his nose 6-10 times every day. We sent him to an ear nose and throat Dr. where he had a scratch test performed. . Surprise: skoot is allergic to basically EVERYTHING(even cockroaches, YUCK!!) It was at this appointment that we also found out about his deviated septum. This was caused by trauma to his nose sustained as a VERY small child. He was trying to jump rope with the drawstring from his shorts(which was way too short) when he tripped himself and landed on his face. . Who would've thought that something happening back when he was a child would cause him so many issues now. The Dr told him that it was a combination of the two that cause his troubles with breathing!Well, after a few months, we met our deductible and decided to go through with the surgery. Everything went great! He was a little woozy when he first came out of surgery but he was quite a funny Character!

This first one is Before surgery: Thumbs up for good luck! After surgery he got to have a fun milk mustache for a few days

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and our New Table!!

Thanksgiving this year was pretty mellow. . . Which is a great thing!My mom made another of her fantastic Thanksgiving dinners and at Skoot's parent's we got together and ate Turkey, Chile Verde and potatoes( in a burrito of course, lol). This year for black Friday, Skoot and I went shopping and in that one day we got most of our holiday shopping done! Yay for Success!! As for our present to ourselves, We had already made our big purchase! That great purchase being a new Dining room set!!!! It is so fantastic! Conveniently, we bought it the week of Thanksgiving so it was not ready at the warehouse until the Monday after. . Here are some pics of it:

Monday, November 1, 2010

This is Halloween

Awe, nothing like a great road trip! This year for Thriller, we decided to drive up to St. George to see Andy's cast. We drove up on Friday night because of my great luck with not having class! We stayed at Skoot's grandparent's house in Mesquite so it was quite a drive in the dark. On Saturday, we all lazed around a bit, with the boys playing scrabble on their phones and brandy playing her DS (they were all laying on our blow up mattress, super cute pic). After a relaxing day,we got ready and drove to St George to see thriller at Tuacahn Theatre. The show was FANTASTIC and I thought Tuacahn was BEAUTIFUL!!The stars and moon were such a pretty back drop but it also made a show a little spookier :)For Halloween on sunday we drove up to Vegas. We had a TON of fun shopping at the outlet malls during the day and then we went to Skoot's cousin Tina's house to get ready. It was such a BLAST walking Freemont Street and having so many people stop and ask us to take a picture with them. There are a million great memories from this night and I really had a great time Here's a few pics from our trip:

PS: Pretty sure even as a scarecrow my husband is a STUD!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I have decided that I should become a professional pumpkin carver. .. except I would have to pay someone to gut it for me cuz pretty sure I HATE that feeling on my skin. . . .Anyway, For one of our game nights this month, we had a pumpkin carving night that turned out to be a huge success!! Chanelle was pretty legit in bringing her own carving tools and she had the HUGEST PUMPKIN EVER!! Skoot was so fast that he carved two pumpkins in the time that it took everyone else to carve one( he made the cute bone for Bentley as well as his bat) Everyone's pumpkins turned out great though! Here are some pics:

Great free Canvas!!

I absolutely love hanging pics up of Skoot and I around our place and I am always trying to find new frames and creative ways to display them. Because of this, I came across something so great I had to share it!!!I found this great deal on the dating divas blog and I loved it: Get a free 8x10 canvas of your favorite pic at you just have to pay for the shipping and Handling!! Plus you can get half off of any additional canvas' you buy! It is so simple! You just upload the pic you want to be on the canvas, choose any frames or special effects and then you just pay for it. . Easy as 1.2.3. I ended up buying the 11 x 14 for just $9.99 plus S&H! I am SO excited to get my canvas and I will be sure to post plenty of pics when I get it!!I am positive you will love yours too!!! Don't hesitate to take advantage of such a great offer!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kristen

For Kristen's Birthday, she had a party at her new house! Skoot and I had never been there before and I think it's Great!! Here's a few pics of the Crew hangin out at her casa. . .